Honduras has said it is not considering a safe third country deal with the United States.

This was disclosed by Honduras Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales saying the country is not considering a safe third nation designation for migrants seeking refuge in the U.S., denying reports of agreed to the deal.

The United States has persuaded neighboring Guatemala to become a safe third country that would accept U.S.-bound asylum seekers, part of a larger effort by President Donald Trump to reduce the flow of migrants into the U.S.

The Guatemalan government is yet to accept the deal.

A safe third country designation would require asylum seekers to apply for protections in any legally-designated “safe” country they pass through before reaching the United States.

U.S. authorities have said they were working with Honduras on a similar deal, but Rosales said no such agreement is in the works.

“Contrary to some publications, the talks with the United States do not contemplate that Honduras become a safe third country,” the minister wrote in a post on Twitter.

Rosales added that the talks are instead focused on regional security, promoting investment and orderly migration.