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The following questions need to be asked:

Why is it taking so long to eradicate poverty from the world?

Is it that we humans don’t have the ability to make the world a better place?

The simple truth is that we humans have not been able to come together and work with 100% commitment to connect us with ideas that will make the world a better place for all.

At TrendingPosts.World, our mission is to create a global community that will use the collective efforts and powers within the community to bring voices together to effect change. We aspire to build and maintain strong relationships with our members by working collaboratively to design and execute campaigns for the good of all humans.

Why is climate change a bad thing?

Our major aim is to motivate everyone to contribute in the actions and activities done for the protection of our earth. We are now facing the biggest environmental challenge our generation has ever seen. The earlier we take action, the better results and consequences we can get for our economy, society, and environment.

The mitigation required is not just about energy but also goes to the management of greenhouse gases associated with land use, food production and consumption, and industrial gases.  Basically, it goes under the responsibility of everyone. Little efforts, changes, and contributions by each person can work significantly to achieve target. In fact, it relates to the choices and preferences as how one move, produce, live and consume things. In most of the cases we can elaborate the changes as no-cost behavioural changes, while in some cases it demands long term investment or small investments. All we have to do is stop ourselves from doing certain kinds of things. The greenhouse gases association management require mitigation efforts concerning with industrial gases, consumption, and food production. There are also natural sources of global warming including water vapour, and volcanoes. However, there are some limitations that create barriers for us to do much with natural sources of global warming. Considering this limitation, the only option we have is to focus on the land and fossil fuels use.


Reduction in the carbon intensity is required in lifestyles and homes. Evolving from the lifestyles that are relatively individualistic and unsustainable, but significantly give value to the conspicuous consumptions. There is a link presented below to provide information related to “live green”. Other than this, also study the 3 level guide of United Nations Lazy Persons that provide information about the living sustainability.    


In the enterprises, improvement in the resources utilization is required. Enterprise need to get information regarding their carbon intensity with the purpose to mitigate that extra carbon intensity. Business organization can build competitive advantage through promoting and investing in sustainability. Enterprises have to cease the production process of goods and services that are unsustainable or harmful for our environment.   


Efficiency of resources utilization is required in the delivery of public services. Local authorities and agencies are working in the public sector that enable the sustainability in the communities by ensuring excellence and efficiency in the public transport, land-use, provision of appropriate supports and town planning.